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Sign up for a one-hour career coaching/mentoring session with Chris Laffra. For more information on the coaching session itself, check out


How to get started


After purchasing a slot here, Chris will share a calendar invite with a Google Meet link. If you and Chris are close to each other on this earth, the session can also be in person. Chris likes to play golf, and he would love to combine this coaching session with a round of golf.


Possibilities of reimbursement through your employer

Often, employers are willing to pay all or part of the cost of training. Many companies have a personal budget for which you decide yourself how to spend it. Furthermore, the costs can be claimed under the heading “Study Costs” through most tax authorities if the purpose of the treatment is to invest in your career and development/career improvement. 

One hour of coaching/mentoring

€ 200,00 Regular Price
€ 150,00Sale Price
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