Sign up for three hours of mentoring with Chris Laffra, author of the C4E book and C4E masterclass. You will meet at a time that works for both you and Chris for three separate sessions. 


Why Mentoring with Chris


Chris Laffra is an experienced, passionate, and talented software engineer, with a strong drive to help other engineers grow. Chris understands what motivates engineers. He understands what stresses them out. He understands how to help them define and achieve their dreams. 


Using his advanced communication skills, Chris is able to help engineers discover the right path for their professional and personal development. Chris has been a manager, tech lead, technical lead manager, advisor, mentor, researcher, and staff software engineer with companies such as IBM, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Google, Uber, Plato, JP Morgan, and Sourcegraph. This wide variety of experiences ensures Chris can use his empathy to understand someone’s situation quickly and make meaningful suggestions to help engineers grow to the next level.


Chris's Approach to Mentoring


Mentoring, guiding, and coaching on hard and soft skills is what allows engineers to grow to the next level. Achieving maximum happiness and energy within a team requires deep insights into how the entire software development process is organized, the role the team plays in this, and how all this impacts individuals. Through decades of personal experience, Chris has analyzed and summarized this entire field into numerous blogs, presentations, and books. 


The summit of Chris’s work is his Communication for Engineers book and the accompanying interactive C4E course. The complementary one-on-one Career and Leadership Coaching sessions add an extra dimension, by providing a personalized experience for each engineer. The sessions include an analysis of someone’s situation, gauging their current set of skills, establishing their goals, and mapping a plan for success and maximum impact. 


How Mentoring Helps


Every engineer, even the most successful one, hits a bump in their career at some point. Usually this happens when they reach a certain level and wonder if this is all there is. In other cases, it may be an existential question about whether to continue as an individual contributor or as a manager. 


Sometimes engineers struggle with motivation, have a harder time contributing creatively, lack the passion they used to have, become more cynical, and see work as a job, not a hobby. All of these are red flags for stress or burnout. However, those situations need to be destigmatized and normalized. Companies like Sourcegraph lead the way, giving each of their teammates 10 therapy and wellness coaching sessions. Similarly, Chris does his own to normalize stress, burnout, and the imposter syndrome himself in a popular article.


Career and Leadership Coaching sessions focus on stress reduction, while increasing productivity, impact, and happiness. The sessions were designed to normalize counter-productive experiences engineers may have and allow them to find back their passion in engineering. At the same time, the sessions focus on personal goal setting, improving communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Chris can help engineers achieve self-actualization. 


Attend for Free


Many workplaces offer a personal growth or wellbeing budget. Check out with your company if you can expend these costs. You often can.

3 x 1 Hour of Mentoring

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